Cade Martin and the Richmond Ballet

Cade Martin's imagery for The Richmond Ballet's new season marketing campaign - A Stroke of Genius, celebrates the collaboration between choreographer and dancer.

Inspired by Richmond Ballet Associate Director, Ma Cong's choreography drawings, the images created of moments of motion were enriched in post-production with gestural line markings to follow the flow of the dancer's movement.


Cade loves a campaign that keeps him on his toes.
And the talent and team were a pleasure to work with.

Client: Richmond Ballet
Agency: Karnes Coffey Design
Co-Creative Directors/Art Directors: Christine Coffey, Jamie Mahoney
Photographer: Cade Martin
Choreographer: Ma Cong
Costume Director: Emily Morgan
Nutcracker Sugar Plum Fairy Costume Designer: David Heuvel

Dracula: Sabrina Sabino and Khaiyom Khojaev
Carmina Burana: Courtney Collier
Studio One: Eri Nishihara and Zacchaeus Page
Nutcracker: Cody Beaton
Studio Two: Jack Miller and Ira White
Studio Three: Naomi Wood