Cade Martin's 96 Hours in Istanbul: Activating Kids for Sun & Sand Sports

Sun & Sands Sports is the Middle East’s largest sports retailer and carries a diverse portfolio of sports, fitness and lifestyle brands. And Cade Martin got to have a very special adventure in Istanbul with the opportunity to create images for their campaign.

The (noble!) goal of this campaign is simple:
Get kids off their video games and out of the house. 

This campaign promotes active outdoor choices and play. But a campaign like this isn’t simple – like with so many projects today, content is being created for multiple channels – television, social, stills – and production timelines don’t really change. Cade had to get off the plane ready to work in available margins on busy sets to scout and create images, finding his moments in tight production windows. He likes to focus on those moments not as hectic, but important, so he is purposeful in making the most of them. 


Going into the Sun & Sand Sports campaign shoot, Cade was driven by two things: people and prep. Relationships are always key to successful photo shoots, and especially so with multi-content campaigns. He made sure to introduce myself to the video/tv/motion team as we all prepped for the shoot so they knew (and were comfortable) with him and he also had a mental map of when he could create the images.

During breaks in filming or when it had wrapped – and sometimes when it was still rolling, Cade often had just minutes to work with the talent available.

In the end, he has come to truly enjoy the challenge of this type of campaign. A few days in Istanbul to get his images was matter of being nimble, flexible, focused, all while a little jet-lagged. 

AGENCY  FP7 McCann Dubai  •  BRAND  Sun & Sand Sports

Special thanks to Michal Horevaj for retouching and Francis Catania for lighting.