Cade Martin for Wounded Warrior Project: Amplifying Urgency and Care

The Wounded Warrior Project does powerful work, and Cade says that collaborating with them was an honor.

He is grateful for the opportunity to work for such an impactful organization and elevate the Wounded Warrior Project's vital mental health messaging and services through photography.

The Wounded Warrior Project's mission is to create an opening for veterans and their inner circles to recognize and seek help for an array of mental health struggles associated with their service. It is a call into a community of visibility and support.

The balance of urgency and care was an important challenge to capture.

And reaching the most possible veterans and their trusted circles was a collaborative project combining still photography and video. Working and collaborating with video teams is increasingly common and finding ways to complement and enhance messaging with shared resources and goals is something our artists need to be prepared for to get the best results for our clients.

Cade says the opportunity to collaborate with Tilt Creative, Wendy LaMaskin, and Constance Eisele was a true pleasure.