Embracing the Unexpected: Cade Martin's 'A Fish Story'

While some take the road less traveled, Cade Martin takes detours to bring him to the unexpected. His imagination is such that he has learned not to fear the unknown, but to embrace it. He recently shared a story about how his work is impacted by this philosophy, and now, we present to you, Cade Martin's 'A Fish Story'.

"If I said detours don’t just take you away from your expected path, they take you to the unexpected – you might roll your eyes. But in my work and adventures, a detour is often where I find the good stuff.

I love the adventure of chasing the what-could-be-around-the-corner feeling. Some of my favorite work is the result of something I caught out of the corner of my eye or followed around the bend. I never regret scratching the itch of the unexpected. 

Taking a walk-about on a recent project, I might have expected to make pictures. I’m not sure I would have expected them to be of a deep-sea diver and a haunting fish face.

A whopper of a detour."