Jason Lindsey Reveals He Is a Director, and Then Some

Jason Lindseys agency background allows him to have the ability to become part of the creative team, working above and beyond the scope of photographer or director. And his unique relationship with The University of Illinois’ Gies College of Business allows him to do just that.

He began working with them 15 years ago, continuing the partnership even though the individuals have changed through the years. The University of Illinois continues to seek Jason out because he has taken the time to know their business. What’s more, they recognize he has the skills to play a larger role in creating their advertising. The Disruption Lab is a new venture within the Gies College of Business, a partnership with Ernst and Young. Concepted and shot pre-COVID, Jason shows us the beauty resulting from creativity, skill, teamwork, and resourcefulness.

What did you learn on this project? 

I learned more about the importance of the team that you put together — picking the right collaboration partners. Having a good team that trusts each other, all looking out for the same thing, and making it the best you can with budgets and restrictions.

What was your most memorable moment on this one? 

I don’t usually present concepts to clients — while I have in the past, I don’t do that much any longer. I was nervous about presenting this concept to the client. I walked into the room to pitch three ideas, and they ended up loving the one they went with, having 1% feedback of changes. Being very nervous about it, and having nailed it, was memorable. 

What do you hope people learn about you and your work after viewing this?

I have a background in being a creative director in addition to being a photographer and director. As a result, I bring a broader perspective. This client asked me to play a larger role by concepting ideas and creative directing the project. I hired the writer and editor too. I enjoy being a part of the creative team for the client. It’s more important than ever, with the challenges in the industry, to be part of the team in solving the problem. My role doesn’t have to be limited to being a photographer and a director; I’m a team player too — contributing to the overall ideas, regardless of role.

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