Jason Lindsey's TV Spot for Wyoming Tourism Selected for Communication Arts Photo Annual 63

Most people would hear “avalanche warning”, 10,000 feet elevation, and white-out conditions and run the other way. Not Jason Lindsey. He takes these obstacles head-on and lucky for us, the end result is a mesmerizing collection of snow-laden images and motion, shot for Wyoming Tourism. Traveling to Jackson, Wyoming in winter was the easy part. Transporting camera gear for miles into the mountains on snowshoes, shooting eager sled dogs, and trying to get smiles on the faces of a family in freezing temperatures requires a professional like Jason. He says that the logistics of shoots like these is what is most rewarding to him and he loves the challenge of it all. 

Jason's TV spot for Wyoming Tourism has been selected for Communication Arts Photo Annual 63

Thank you Communication Arts for the recognition and accolades for Jason's work. See more on the photo annual here