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Lupine Hammack Transforms Mrs. Meyer's Soap Into Whimsical Imagery

It’s likely you’ve seen Mrs. Meyer’s soap at your local store. A wholesome brand started by Iowan Mrs. Thelma A. Meyer as an effort to create a safer brand for her children and the planet. Lupine Hammack connected to this vision and the brand’s visual aesthetic, and through his alchemic process imagined and produced a collection of images full of whimsy and wonder.

The composition of real-life cloud formations made of Mrs. Meyer’s soap, in-camera rainbow backgrounds, and post-effect bubbles create an enchanting scene for these household products, a testament to Lupine’s belief in unlocking the true potential of photography. Creating is a part of Lupine’s every day. These weren’t for a commercial project, but rather an extension of how he views the world and bears witness to his abilities to craft unique environments.

A visual delight, these images are meant to engage your inner child and encourage you to embrace joy and the possibility within the “what if we did this” portion of your brain. 

Link here to see more of Lupine's household work on the newly refreshed gallery.