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Elevating Brand Identity: Lupine Hammack's Creative Partnership with Peet's Coffee

When you work with Lupine Hammack, you are not only getting a talented stills photographer and motion director, you’re getting a full-service creative partner. From concepting to final assets, each step of the way is carefully thought through and executed to ensure the results delivered to the client are exactly what was in his treatment deck. 

As a Bay Area native, Lupine is a longtime customer and fan of Peet’s. So, when the brand approached Lupine to talk about its current creative personality, he was thrilled to join the conversation. Peet’s has cemented itself as a specialty coffee roaster that puts ethical sourcing and sustainable practices at the front of the brand. To celebrate this, Peet’s was looking to create imagery that was fresh and vibrant. Like a new coat of paint on a classic San Francisco Victorian. The good bones are there, it just needs an infusion of modernity.

Lupine’s treatment was full of bold colors, graphic patterns, and edgier lighting choices with an end goal to creatively evolve the heritage-rich brand to keep Peet’s at the forefront of coffee culture.

Using the shared vision from Peet’s as a compass, Lupine, his creative partner Sarah James and the Peet’s creative team began sourcing evocative paint colors, talent that represents many markets, contemporary clothing that tells a story itself - all converging in Lupine’s studio space in the San Francisco Mission.

The final images are being used on Social Media and in cafes Nationwide, and exude the evolution that Peet’s wanted; the coffee you know, the brand you buy because of its soul, with a creative identity that is fresh and distinctive. This project is a perfect example of Lupine’s philosophy to approaching projects, his ability to conceptualize a creative vision and then bring that to life, and his use of alchemy to take basic tools and produce unexpected results.

To Lupine, photography is more than the images he produces; it's storytelling, engagement, and lasting partnerships. By nurturing open dialogue, aligning creative visions, and pushing the boundaries of traditional photography, he helped Peet’s Coffee to redefine its brand in a dynamic market.