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CGI Solutions with Photography Projects: POP Creative Studio's Collaborative Philosophy

Fighting for every job is tough. The process of submitting multiple bids, drafting detailed treatments, and producing pitch tests requires significant time and money. Leveraging CGI can help you visualize your concepts and plan your shoot from the very beginning, even during the pitch phase.

Whether you're exploring CGI for the first time or seeking a fresh collaboration, partnering with Pop Creative Studio can offer you a competitive advantage and their support ensures a flawless fusion of their expertise with your creative vision. Their experience working with photographers across all styles and categories has garnered a deep understanding of what clients crave and how their CGI and technical skills can bring those ideas to life. 

Below, you'll find examples of how Pop has established effective partnerships with photographers, each project like a kaleidoscope; reflecting a distinctive blend of innovation and creativity.

Andy Glass - Eye Conquer

CGI allowed Andy & Pop to design and build a giant eye from a multitude of different screens and monitors, all strategically composed within a CGI room set.  Ensuring both the virtual world and studio photography fitted together seamlessly, Pop first built and planned out the scene in CGI to create a shoot ‘pre-viz’. Exploring camera positions, lensing, lighting setups, crops and formats, Pop created technical blueprints of the scene, that were client approved ahead of the shoot. No fuss. No Surprises!

Andrei Duman - Nerf X-ray

Andrei is known for his mastery of lighting and technical excellence as well as his insatiable appetite to explore new ideas and techniques. Nerf Guns are the latest in Andrei’s X-Ray series, enabling the viewer to literally see beyond the lens. To enhance this effect Pop explored a variety of visual FX and compositing techniques to unveil the inner workings of each Nerf Gun. Creating distortions of light and multicolor lens flares, that capture the fun and energy of these popular toys.

Alex Khokhlov - Fast & Curious

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but for these handsome pooches CGI allowed them to show off their full potential. Celebrating some of the fastest breeds in the world, POP helped Alex design and create these awesome CGI helmets, inspired by their heritage and top running speeds. By matching Alex’s camera and lighting setups and applying photo-real materials and textures, complete with their subtle scuffs and scratches, Pop was able to tailor fit each helmet for a perfect CGI-Photography collaboration.