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Andy Anderson Embraces 100 Person Crew on Location for Zoetis

Horses have always been a part of Andy Anderson‘s life. From growing up on a horse farm, to watching his daughter barrel race and to many horse shoots in his professional career, he feels comfortable around horses and finds them interesting subjects to photograph. The texture of their fur, their emotive eyes, and their distinct personalities are just some of the reasons Andy finds himself returning to horses time and time again. After seeing some of Andy’s previous animal work, Colle McVoy in Minnesota reached out for his expertise on a shoot for Zoetis, an animal pharmaceutical company.

While this shoot was in Andy’s wheelhouse, an added challenge was that Andy would be shooting alongside a 100 person film crew, so it was imperative that he could capture the still images as they were shooting motion. Colle McVoy knew Andy was the perfect choice for this because of his extensive experience, he could read the horses' body language and be able to anticipate their next moves. Read on to hear about this shoot and what Andy saw as the biggest challenge.

What did you learn on this shoot?

I learned that it’s possible for still photographers and film production to coexist on the same set. It takes proper preparation of both disciplines, a positive working relationship, and the ability to be lightning fast. When you are a single still photographer against a 100 person film crew, you need to anticipate what will come next. It also requires you to accept the setting. I didn’t have to set up lights because I was using whatever the film crew had set up. Embracing this light led to a raw look on some of the photos which I love.

What was a memorable moment?

The creatives on this shoot were top notch. It is always a pleasure when you see eye to eye creatively, and then to foster long lasting friends, that’s just the cherry on top.

What do you hope people will learn about you and your work after seeing this?

That I am versatile in almost any situation. Throughout my career, I have had to change plans at a moments notice due to a variety of factors. This shoot tested my versatility and I think, in the end, the images turned out great. We weren’t able to have any strobes, as to not startle the horses, which I think allowed for more raw and dynamic photos. I see any challenge as an opportunity to create something fresh, and I think that was done here.

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