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Andy Anderson Works in Deference to the People of Idaho for Blue Cross of Idaho

Andy Anderson has dedicated his life and career to honestly capturing the world around him - whether that’s across the planet in Nepal, or in his backyard of Southwestern Idaho. Always in pursuit of communicating the truth he sees, he uses his art as the medium to do so. With the human condition as the catalyst for his curiosity, and his curiosity the engine for his art, Andy works to tell the honest story of his portrait subjects as well as the individuality of natural landscapes.

When Blue Cross of Idaho was thinking of who to choose for their new campaign, Andy jumped to the top of their list. The creative for this project was seemingly simple; create a campaign that is not just set in Idaho, but represents the people of Idaho. Andy's ability to create intimate portraiture and vast landscapes, along with his love of Idaho, made him the perfect candidate. Aware of his passion for this project, we spoke with him about his experience representing Idaho.


What was your inspiration for this shoot?

While I am very passionate about each project I’m awarded, this one was particularly special. I am from Idaho, I live in Idaho, I raised my kids in Idaho, and I wanted to work in reverence to the state and its people. It only took thinking of my own experiences, family and friends to be inspired for this. Paired with the exceptional natural landscapes of Idaho, my vision for this project developed very naturally.

How did you decide on the specific locations?

While I feel like I’ve toured every mile of this state, this project proved me wrong. Since this was very Idaho specific, it was important that we showed places native Idahoians would recognize. We found a diverse selection of places to be captured which exposed me to new places of which I was completely unaware.

What component of this shoot did you resonate most with? 

Like most of my work, people are at the center. Understanding the human condition is something that is always lingering in the back of my mind. That’s a pretty tall order, so working with people from my community is an exciting piece of that puzzle. Idaho is full of truly wonderful people and it was an honor to capture that. It felt different than other commercial work I’ve done, because I really wanted to work in deference to the people of Idaho.

Why does this campaign feel different from other commercial work?

I really wanted this to speak to the people from my community. While I didn’t know the talent personally, they represent the people I interact with everyday. They are the woman I see at the grocery store, or the cowboys I’ve photographed in the Owyhee Canyonlands, they are the local teller at my bank, they’re my friends and family. I was especially motivated to capture images that represent the authentic nature of my community.

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