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Andy Anderson's Work for Venor is a Breath of Fresh Air

When you hear fashion photography, you may imagine editorial shots of models in a studio, drastic lighting, and designer clothing. Andy Anderson recently worked with a new brand, Venor, and proved that fashion photography can break away from the norm. With natural light, stylish outdoor clothing, and racially representative talent, the images are figuratively a breath of fresh air. Andy enjoys being challenged by projects and as his first fashion brand campaign, along with working with a newly established brand, he helped to shape the story Venor wanted to tell.

Andy is used to capturing people in the middle of action; catching a fish, landing a water plane or galloping across vast landscapes. Venor saw this in his work and wanted the same 'of the moment' imagery. Given that it is a fashion brand, Andy wanted to keep a sense of elegance while showing off the versatility of the clothes, curating the models and location to create a perfect blend of these two elements. Read on to learn more about Andy's first fashion shoot.

With a career as robust as yours, it's exciting when we get to experience a "first" with you. This was your first fashion shoot, what surprised you about it?

I really liked the experience shooting fashion photography. This wasn't as editorial as some shoots, I would categorize this as functional lifestyle fashion work with more saturated tones and outdoor natural lighting but there was a sense of sophistication throughout the whole thing. Working with models is exciting because they really know what they're doing and how to use the light to their benefit. It made for some really elegant final images to show off the craftsmanship of the clothes. 

What did you learn on this shoot?

I learned to embrace what you are given. It was an extremely overcast day, but that ended up benefiting us because we could shoot all day long. I also think it leaned into the creative direction by giving off more saturated tones. Helped to highlight the functional nature of the brand. 

What do you hope people will take away about you and your work after seeing this project?

Since this was my first fashion shoot, I think this shows off my versatility in what I can shoot. At my core, I am a photographer who likes to take pictures so I'm willing to shoot anything. I really enjoy shoots that let me experience something new, and I am good at seeing the vision of the shoot and making it happen. 

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