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Collaborative Processes, Artificial Intelligence, and Value-Driven Brands

Cade Martin creates content for pharmaceutical clients all the time. He Just Can’t Show You.

While his images usually speak for themselves, they can’t when pharmaceutical clients hire him.

And, since he can’t share what he creates, he wants to share his process. Telling all kinds of different stories requires conceptual thinking and strong execution. The process he uses to do this is a big part of why clients hire Cade Martin to work with their pharmaceutical clients.

So even though you can’t see what he creates, maybe understanding HOW Cade creates will be a good start in getting to know him. Read more about Cade's collaborative approach.

Kremer/Johnson Creates NuancedScenes for the AI Foundation

How do you cast human talent to represent an artificial intelligence (AI) technology? With their narrative-driven conceptual talent, photography duo Kremer/Johnson were up for the challenge. The AI Foundation needed images for their site and marketing materials that displayed its technical capabilities of its intangible product. Neil and Cory jumped in and got their hands dirty; building sets, laying on the ground under plexiglass, and driving all over Los Angeles to find the perfect props.  

Kremer/Johnson is drawn to idiosyncratic talent. They craft their characters from people they grew up with to individuals they've met along the way, so it was meant to be that the creatives at the AI foundation wanted talent that could represent the wide range of characters that can be created with its technology.

We sat down with Neil and Cory to learn more about how they accomplished this, but you should know up front that in included a banjo, cowboy hat and 10 pound weights. Read on to learn how those three objects fit in with artificial intelligence. Learn more about this project. 

Lupine Hammack, A Personal Project and A Surprising Discovery

As an artist, Lupine Hammack believes that creativity exists on its own and needs to be exercised and nurtured, which is why he decided to work on a personal project that explored color, function, and supported his alchemic vision. What he didn't expect, was to discover a brand that has a revolutionary design and an inspiring story that aligns with his values. 

OXO is a brand that was born out of the founder's need for ergonomic kitchen tools for his wife. They are thoughtfully designed, the brand gives 1% of its earnings to sustainability focused non-profits, and the beauty of the products gave Lupine and team a great base to photograph. Lupine was particularly intrigued by how form was inspired by function which he worked into his photography. He photographed real fruits and vegetables and turned those into vector art to hint at the function of the form shown.

Lupine wanted to maintain the integrity of the brand, so kept the images simple while playing with color and creating abstract backgrounds to let the product shine.

Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation and this project was a perfect manifestation of that.