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Dear Art Producer, Chrissy Borgatta Liuzzi, and How Some Jobs Can Be as Important as a College Education

Dear Art Producer episode 78 is here and this week Heather is joined by Chrissy Borgatta Liuzzi, Sr. Art Producer at Innocean Worldwide. She’s responsible for print, digital and social media. She’s worked on staff at agencies as well as freelance, so she has a comprehensive knowledge of photography, illustration and multimedia trends and styles. 

Heather and Chrissy talk about how some jobs can be as important as a college education, working on the very first iMac campaign, the experience from editorial work and how to be the hub of a team. They also discuss fully integrated productions, working with cost control consultants and advice for making treatments.  

I’m here to support both sides. I want the photographer or director to have everything that they need to be able to make this creative content the best it can be, and then I also need to make it as cost-efficient as possible. 

Chrissy Borgatta Liuzzi

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