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Dear Art Producer, Karen Lipker, and Hybrid Creative Solutions

Dear Art Producer episode 80 is here and this week Heather is joined by Karen Lipker, Director of Creative Services at Davis Elen Advertisting. Karen spent almost ten years working in Photography and then branched out into creative services and production. She currently works on McDonald’s, Toyota, Smart and Final and the Purity Coffee accounts. 

Heather and Karen talk about the role of director of creative services, hybrid creative solutions using remote and in-person work, flexibility and the art of pivoting and what clients are asking for now. They also discuss how supply chain problems might affect brands’ product advertising for 2022, CGI as backup planning to lifestyle shoots, crew and studio space shortages and advice on bidding when they don’t know the budget.  

The word of 2020 was “pivot.” So I think, for me, just being able to pivot and change course or pick up something that needs to be a solution immediately means just being able to get that done as it comes, so everything’s changing. 

Karen Lipker

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