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Dear Art Producer, Nelson Luesse and How Producers Act as Translators on Set

On this week’s episode Heather is joined by Senior Integrated Print Producer at Argonaut, Nelson Luesse. Nelson is a native New Yorker who, after a stint in the Navy, settled in the San Francisco area. His first job in advertising was at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners where he worked on Alaska airlines, Starbucks and Nike. Now with Argonaut he works on Cricket Wireless, NerdWallet, and the Zebra and enjoys developing his talents in all forms of production, not just print. 

In their conversation, Heather and Nelson explore the role of the producer and how some things have changed during the pandemic.

“Every vendor will have their own way of speaking and their own terminology for their craft. So we as producers, whether it be a photographer's producer or an agency's producer, we have to know all the different lingo in order to do that and do that effectively” - Nelson Luesse

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