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Dear Art Producer, Sari Rowe, and the Value of Personal Work

Dear Art Producer episode 79 is here and this week Heather is joined by Executive Content Producer at Snyder Studio, Sari Rowe. Sari’s got 20 years of integrated production experience. Sari has worked at several different agencies across the U.S. like Ogilvy NY, TBWAChiatDay, RPA and ran the production department of VSA Chicago before transitioning to executive producer developing and running the animation arm of Snyder. 

Heather and Sari talk about facilitating long-form animation with illustrators, problem-solving and value-engineered productions. They also discuss advice for producers looking to transition, the value of researching, finding new talent and the importance of personal work.

"It’s the creative work that really inspires the creative directors and art directors to reach out to these artists and say, ‘I want you to make my campaign.’ Not because they saw every branded ad that illustrator or animator had done prior, but it’s almost the personal work and the creative explosion that they see when an artist is inspired by something."

Sari Rowe

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