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Doug Menuez Launches His New Printed Portfolio to Cheers From Portfolio Lovers Around the World

“The moment you press the shutter, for me is a combination of elements – emotion, action, interaction, composition, light, shadow – to yield a photograph that tells a story.”

Doug Menuez

9:05 AM, a snapshot of life.
There is something to be said about Doug Menuez‘s continued use of a printed portfolio in this digital day and age. While digital collections provide information in small form, to peruse and easily share, such as his abbreviated digital portfolio, published portfolios offer a lasting impression complete with a tactical experience as well.

9:08 AM, a period of importance.
Doug wants people to be able to fully experience looking through his work by holding the pages, feeling the weight and smell of them and taking the images in as fast or slowly as the reader desires. Doug is in love with printed books and reveres them as art pieces, “I produce my portfolios as limited edition fine art books every year or two.”

The experts agree with Doug about the validity of the printed image. Christopher Armstrong of PhotoPolitic wrote about print vs. digital portfolios and, in reviewing Doug’s makes the declarative statement, “Print is (not) dead.”

9:14 AM, a moment in time.
We’ve all heard it said of photography that images capture a moment in time. Doug accentuates this point by including a timestamp next to each image in his latest portfolio. Doug is a master of street photography; candid instances requiring split-second decisions of when to shoot, and how best to frame the moment. In his printed collection, Doug lists the particular moment, captured on film, that will never be like any other – the result makes a powerful statement.

“To take a photograph is to align the head, the eye, and the heart. It’s a way of life.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Doug uses photography to explain and share the world he sees. Plus, it provides another piece to the puzzle, “Photography is a way to understand who I am, my place in the world.”

Follow Doug on Instagram for more imagery that fuels empathy, connects cultures & reminds us of our shared humanity. For a full viewing of his printed portfolio, contact heather@heatherelder.com