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Doug Menuez' Seabourn Campaign and the Thrill of Seeing Work in Print

We shared Doug Menuez’ work for Seabourn Cruise Lines and highlighted Doug’s skill in capturing women’s stories of wanderlust, luxury and romance. Geared toward women in their 50s and beyond, it was important that the “This is Your Moment” campaign sparks feelings of adventure and seizing the moment. Doug’s documentary approach brought this creative to life and the cruise experience to our screens. 

The campaign officially went live and we’re excited to share the final product. There was no preview shared with us prior to the final ads so it was a real treat when this arrived in our inbox. Keep a lookout for Doug’s work in print ads, direct mail catalogs, their website and billboards! Congratulations to Doug, Grace Creative and Seabourn for this campaign.

“I still get a big thrill seeing my work in print. Plus the assignment’s not really completed until it’s designed and used, so I get a huge sense of both relief and accomplishment. For one thing, these shoots are super hard to pull off so you never know how it ends up working out. For me, this campaign was successful once my portion was completed but to know it works for the clients is the icing on the cake.” - Doug Menuez