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Hunter Freeman Helps Remind Us About the Value of Joy

How do you differentiate between fabulous photographers? Using words like “sensational,” “compelling,” or “powerful” might be apt descriptions of a photographer’s work but won’t help you decipher between one or another.

We’ve set out to paint a picture of each photographer by delving deeper into what makes them tick. We asked questions such as “How has your upbringing shaped who you are? What inspires you?”  When we worked with Hunter Freeman, he described himself as working to make more than just a good picture; grateful to bring ideas to life that help people smile more, stay curious, use our endless imaginations. We could not have said it better ourselves!

Here is how Hunter explains his art.

Life was about chasing moments of lightness and laughter when I was growing up. I continue to find that same sense of joy and satisfaction by pushing myself always to see, do and learn more as a photographer. It’s what keeps me in the moment, ensuring that I reflect a childlike curiosity in everything I do and create.

My background in math and science means I do a lot of research to bring images into the world that feel universal and true, even if they can often be laugh-out-loud funny. Because humor always exposes a kind of truth, and photography does as well.

I seek to shoot subjects both simple and complex because we know that’s how life is. I love to surround myself with and collaborate with creative people and brands and search for the end goal – for me what makes a good picture is thinking about who the audience is and how the image should feel and where it’s going to live. I take an empathic approach when sweating the details and am always wearing a strategic hat when it comes to commercial work.

Be it product or people, I always try to top my personal best and bring my love of the photographic image to everything I do. I strive to refine and be aware of what’s happening in the world because I always want to be better. By surrounding myself with a like-minded team, I create images that intrigue, make people smile, and remind them of the beautiful world in which we live. I have an immense amount of gratitude for the work that I do, and feel extremely lucky and thankful for all of the fantastic collaboration through the years and look forward to many more; I never take this work for granted. For me, it’s about seeing the forest, the trees, and everything in between. I love to create work that makes people feel curious; that makes them want to see and know more, explore more, and use their imaginations.

In typical #curiousjoyfulgrateful style, Hunter is working on a personal project documenting people pairings, neighbors and their unique relationships. Many of us ask “Who’s My Neighbor?” but few get the answer in a visual story. Keep your eyes on the horizon for “Who’s My Neighbor?” you will be intrigued and delighted by what you see.