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Jason Lindsey's 'Cracks in the Ice' Featured on Lenscratch for Earth Week

Daily journal LENSCRATCH featured Jason Lindsey's 'Cracks in the Ice' Series for Earth Week. LENSCRATCH's Earth Week series were selected based on this thematic lens: "making the often-invisible nature of the global climate and the ecological crisis more visible using conceptual, lens-based art techniques."

Sustainability is a priority for Jason and much of his work focuses on capturing images that either show nature's immense beauty, or implore the viewer to take action to save it. 

"The 'Cracks in the Ice' project was inspired by my 15-year-old son, Björn. During one of our many daily chats, he asked about Climate Change and what the world will look like in the future. I realized I had only murky visions of that future myself and could not give him a clear answer. His precarious start to life and surgeries makes him crave stability. As a father, I hated that I could not provide much clarity for Björn and knew I needed to explore this idea with a photography project. 'Cracks in the Ice' was born." -Jason Lindsey 

This collection, among others, is available for purchase through Jason's fine art site. See more here.