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Kingston, NY Community Celebrates Doug Menuez' Wild Place Exhibit Opening

After the last two years, there’s nothing quite like walking into a room full of friends, family, and colleagues. Compound that with your art hanging on the walls and to contain your elation might seem impossible. Doug Menuez had this experience at the opening of his exhibit and synchronous opening of the new CPW Kingston and notes that the buzz in the room was palpable. If you weren’t able to be there, Doug shared a video that captured the cornerstones of the event; reunions, laughter, and community. 

And the residents of Kingston, NY embraced and celebrated the project by attending the opening. An estimated 300+ people came including community organizers, artists, and small business owners to see the familiar faces on the walls of the gallery. Additionally, Kingston Mayor Steve Noble along with other officials from City Hall including Director of Arts and Culture Kitt Potter were there along side co-founder of CPW Kingston Howard Greenberg, who flew in from Germany specifically for this event. The support of local community members and old friends from the New York City photography world meant almost as much to Doug as having his project featured at the opening of the new location for CPW Kingston.

Reflecting on the event, Doug says: “the whole thing was such a stunning surprise and pleasure to see this backyard project, partner with CPW and the community in such a positive way. It really reminds you what your purpose is, and also how much I have left to do on this project, this show is just the beginning.”

Link here to purchase Doug's book, "WILD PLACE: The Journey Home vol. 1".