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Kremer/Johnson; Creating a Visible Solution to an Invisible Problem for a Pharma Client

Kremer/Johnson is known for their artfully directed scenes, putting the talent at the forefront and crafting narratives through detailed set design, targeted lighting, and intentional casting. Creating memorable and ownable visuals for clients is what they excel at.

With the sensitivity and discretion that Pharma campaigns require, Kremer/Johnson needed to creatively edit their images to show the effects that ADHD has on children, without explicitly stating that. To find a visible solution to an invisible problem. After working with Neil and Cory for some time, we know that there are no limits to their creativity, and talked to them to learn how they solved this added challenge.

What was the greatest challenge of this project?
The client wanted to show the effects of having ADHD in a still photo. We wanted to find a unique and of course creative way to exemplify those attributes. After many discussions, we decided to pixelate certain elements of the image, replicating how someone with ADHD is looking through life with a distracted lens. Along with our team, we then designed a custom brush in photoshop to create pixels that are randomly rotated and to make sure the transparency is irregular.

What was one crucial element of this shoot?
Casting is always really important to us, especially when working with children. The decisions we make in casting set the tone for the entire project, and we needed to be extra time conscious.  This was one of the quickest projects we’ve ever worked on, from pre-pro to post in 10 days, so being efficient with our time on set was key. When we put the right people in the right places, it allows us to do our job much better. There were a few vignettes with many children so being able to direct them without too many distractions was important.

After seeing this project, what is something you want people to take away from your work?
We love when clients come to us with a specific need or challenge they have with the creative brief, like this one. Finding creative solutions is something we feel we do well, so projects like this let us strengthen that muscle. And as a duo, we bring different strengths to the project which helps us solve unique problems faster. We love to use our strengths to make the most effective images we can.