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Kremer/Johnson; Creating With a Vision Through Synergy

When we bring on a new artist to our roster, we are reminded of the depths of creativity, exploration and relationship building that comes with our job. Being able to share their work means understanding where their creativity comes from and to do that we need to get to know them on a deeper level and learn what makes them tick. Kremer/Johnson came onto our roster last year and we have continuously found ourselves laughing along with the comedic nature of their work, diving deep into the narratives they create and learning how the magic appears in their work. They are our first duo, so we sat down with them individually since they each are an important piece of the Kremer/Johnson puzzle. 

We've all seen the co-workers who show up to work dressed alike and the dogs and their owners who somehow resemble one another. While those might be examples of coordination and partnership - they are way off-base when it comes to Kremer/Johnson.

I'm Neil, he's Cory, and I'm Cory, he's Neil. While we aren't identical twins, we are on the same wavelength, finding we only have to say a few words to one another, to get a complex point across. We are guilty of using abbreviated words and making cryptic quips others might miss. Propelled by collaboration, we're quirky, inventive, and living proof that two heads are better than one.

Link here to read Neil's Vision Through Discovery

Link here to read Cory's Vision Through Ingenuity 

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