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Kremer/Johnson Is Among the Winners for the IPA Awards

Kremer/Johnson received first place in the Advertising and Conceptual categories, plus an honorable mention in the Advertising, Self-Promotion category.

The SurityPro campaign was awarded first place in the Advertising and Conceptual categories. It took many creative calls to produce the range of concepts seen in the final images. It was a truly collaborative process with creatives, dog trainers, talent, and crew that made the project really fun for Neil and Cory which they feel is reflected in the images. Kremer/Johnson can turn any situation into an image that creates a narrative, and this project was no exception. 

Their Dive series won Honorable Mention in this year’s IPA Awards for the Advertising, Self-Promotion category. Dive pays homage to the grace and beauty that is found in the sport and highlights the focus, determination, and clarity in the diver’s body, mind, and expression. Kremer/Johnson love the humanity seen in these moments.

Congratulations to Neil and Cory!