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Finding the Balance Between Hyperbole and Authenticity: Kremer Johnson’s Project with Splunk

Stills and motion duo Kremer/Johnson is renowned for their casting of expressive talent that creates expanded narratives. Whether it’s for personal projects or commercial shoots, they prioritize talent as they believe it’s a strong way to create a story that translates from shoot to final creative.

Working with Splunk, a cyber security company, called for portraits of talent that accurately represented the people who used the company's technology. This required Neil and Cory to source individuals who embodied the essence of a cyber security professional without veering into clichés. Though typically drawn to exaggerated characters, Kremer/Johnson casted the shoot perfectly and created imagery that aligned with Splunk’s ethos which would better resonate with their users. 

And, shooting in an actual Security Operations Center (SOC) was not an option, so Neil and Cory did what they do best, create an entirely new environment in a closed set. Utilizing set designers and stylists to add flare and personality to the characters through desk ornaments and clothing, Kremer/Johnson masterfully created a faux SOC that blurs the line between set and reality

This series of images not only showcases the technical abilities of Kremer/Johnson but also reflects a nuanced understanding of their client's brand and audience. By eschewing the temptation of hyperbole, they crafted a narrative that resonated authentically with Splunk's audience.