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Multiple Award-winning Andy Anderson Receives More with IPA Awards

Andy Anderson’s Gauchos project took third place in the 2021 IPA Awards in the Special, Travel/Wanderlust category. If you traveled back in time, to where horsemen began, you’d find yourself in Spain where Vaqueros wearing ponchos and flat-brimmed hats rode horses and herded cattle. This tradition spread to include Gauchos in South America and Andy wanted to experience what the original horsemen experienced. He traveled to Argentina to document Gauchos in a country where they are still revered and seen as a national symbol. 

Andy also received honorable mentions for four of his projects, including his series with Ben Ferencz, American Lawyer and chief prosecutor at one of the Nuremberg Trials, a project that opens our eyes to the human condition called South Side Gang. The other two honorable mentions were for images from his Owhyee Canyon Lands Series and Andy’s Spanish Ranch series. Both of these projects underscore Andy’s love of horses, his home state of Idaho, and an unending curiosity that fuels his creativity. Congratulations Andy!