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Photographer and Director, Zach Anderson, Appreciates Every Moment

Raised during the digital revolution, Zach Anderson is used to constant change. So when clients seek nimble artists who can roll with changes without batting an eye in the fast-paced advertising world, Zach is a natural choice. As with the rest of his cohort, Zach has come to expect change, welcoming a shift as an additional opportunity to discover something new.

The pandemic brought changes in how we worked and lived in ways we never imagined, and those experiences have a lasting impact. Shot when the restrictions were beginning to be lifted, Zach created a series about appreciating every moment, images celebrating life as it should be, showing that as much as things change, they stay the same too.


What did you learn while creating this series?

Leaving Los Angeles because of the pandemic reminded me how much I love Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. This pandemic took a mental toll on me and stunted my creativity. I consider this series to be the opposite of a COVID case study. Instead of creating imagery while working with restrictions, I wanted to show my appreciation for each moment we have as it is right now because it could be fleeting. The PNW was the perfect place to do so, with the various landscapes, climates, and color palettes. The opportunity to make beautiful images are boundless. 


What was a memorable moment?

For part of this project, we rented an RV on Airbnb outside of Stanley, Idaho. Each day, we would drive into town, and when you crest over the hill into the Sawtooth Valley, you see the springtime growth and the mighty Sawtooths — it takes your breath away. Just thinking about it as I write this gives me goosebumps.

What do you hope people learn about you and your work after viewing this?

Fueled by travel, my spirit of wanderlust is evident in how I shoot color and the speed I shoot. I have a lot of energy and a sense of adventure, and I welcome the opportunity to see and do everything I can before I leave this earth. 

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