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Photographer Zach Anderson Gives Us a Front of the House View for Jack Daniels

When brands need lifestyle images with which their Millenial consumers can identify, they turn to Zach Anderson for his love of music and high energy style. Anticipating getting back out in the world, Jack Daniels and Energy BBDO needed content that combined an editorial and commercial feel so Zach’s style and approach to production fit perfectly. Having interned for Rolling Stone and his deep love of music, Zach answered the call, creating authentic visuals as if we were all standing on the sticky floor, smelling the spilled Jack and Coke for ourselves.

What did you learn on this project?

This project shot the first week of April 2021 meant we were still following Covid protocols, and the agency/client was remote. I learned how amazing it is for the creatives to let you do your thing and trust you. We established a timeline where I shot, uploaded imagery, and at specific times, we discussed the work, feedback, and next steps. I was invigorated, slightly stressed, and above all, humbled that the client was comfortable letting me create. 

What is a memorable moment from this project?

We needed to shoot four different genres with the talent: Indie, Hip-hop, Electronic, and Alt-country. We cast real musicians for this project but limited it to five people, changing wardrobe for each mini shoot. I let the musicians jam during the indie set-up as if they were performing live and just covered it. I know where to be and how to shoot from an angle from which other concert-goers (potential consumers) can identify. The spontaneity of this moment was a blast — especially since I miss live music so much! 

What would you like people to take away after seeing your work?

My love and passion for music are fuel for my photography. Whether creating images for personal, commercial, or editorial projects, being a lifelong live music enthusiast means I know what is authentic. My music experience brings relevance to a shoot — from crowd capacity, knowing how close you can realistically get, shooting from different angles, and underexposing the shots. My photojournalistic approach allows me to create genuine music lifestyle imagery. 

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