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Projected: Kremer/Johnson and a Commentary on Experimentation, Technology and Pushing Your Artistry

Our world is propelled forward by advancements in technology, and today, these advancements are more prevalent and rapidly changing than ever before. In such a dynamic landscape, it’s essential for our artists to always explore new creative territories and to adapt to the evolving landscape. In tune with what’s necessary, Kremer/Johnson created a test shoot, “Projected”, to experiment while following their creative instincts and embracing new approaches.

Pushing the boundaries of techniques, they used light to sculpt emotion and used focused beams from gobos to illuminate facial stories. The projector and gobo became a tool for customization and an instrument to enhance expressions and individuality. We spoke with Neil and Cory to learn more about the inspiration and revelations found from this shoot. 

What was your goal for this experimental studio shoot? 

Initially, we really just wanted to test out some new equipment we purchased. As the shoot evolved, we realized there was a cool opportunity to use lighting, color and patterns to enhance emotion and create more of a narrative. Diversity with casting is always something that’s important to us, so we spent time making sure we found individuals who represented the greater LA area and together told a story.

How did the custom gobos and light projection craft a broader narrative?

The deliberate incorporation of colored gels added a layer of complexity to the images and created an interplay of light and shadow that captures your attention. The shapes projected onto the skin are symbolic and represent the uniqueness that each person brings to the world. Their individuality is highlighted with different colors and shapes that we manually created. We also think this opens up an interesting discussion on technology’s role and influence on our lives.

How does this project bring light, pun intended, to the role of technology?

Whether we like it or not, technology is pervasive in almost everything we do in 2023. This project started off with a simple desire to stretch ourselves creatively, but as it evolved we saw the opportunity to make a statement on the tapestry of culture that surrounds us and how technology impacts us as humans. "Projected" explores how technology impacts our roles as artists, not only in the literal sense but in the way we communicate ideas and create narratives within our imagery. Through the creative use of technology, we hope that each portrait tells an individual story and that collectively they form a vibrant celebration of the human experience.

What did you learn from this project?

How important it is to continue to experiment and build on the skills you have. We’ve been working together for over a decade and in this project, we made things we had never made before. There is always room for growth and with technology changing as quickly as it is, there is always something new to learn and test out. We were figuring out every single image from this project as we took them, which was a fun process for us. It’s nice to be able to be playful and experimental without judgment.