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Reps Journal

Reinvigoration by way of Chicago

Feeling ready to get back to in person meetings after two and a half long years, I decided to set up shop for a week in Chicago. When I first had the idea, I thought mostly I would meet casually with art producer and creative friends but as the trip started to take shape, I was excited to learn that people wanted me to come into the office and show work! It was incredible to present work from each artist to a captive audience.  It was a welcome change to when people used to pop in and out of the show to browse at portfolios anonymously. 

The cherry on top of a great trip was getting to spend time with the photographers we represent in Chicago and of course the party hosted by Dan Goldberg. After what seems like one million calls and zooms during the pandemic, it made all the difference.

This trip reinvigorated my desire to connect in person and also impressed upon me feelings of hope, excitement and optimism about our industry. Even though meeting looks a little different than it has in the past, people are open to it and trying to find their own way to make it effective. I will absolutely be traveling more this fall so if I don’t see you on zoom that is why!

Be sure to look below for a preview of Dan Goldberg's new series, The World in a City.