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The 2022 Graphis Photography Annual Will Feature Andy Anderson's Work

Images from Andy Anderson’s South Side series took gold in the 2022 Graphis Photography Annual. This series is comprised of images of gang members from Chicago’s South Side. Inspired by gang members he met while working on a film, he knew there was a deep story to tell among these men. Andy says that he wants to create images with honesty and integrity, and we think that these striking images do just that.

Andy's series Silver-Bukaroos took silver in the 2022 Graphis Photography Annual. By exploring the Owyhee Canyonlands Wilderness of Andy’s home state of Idaho, he gives us a peek into the true Wild West. Andy has spent quite a bit of time exploring the area creating aerial shots of the canyons, capturing the eternal landscapes, the animals, and the lifestyle of the people who frequent the area. 

Congratulations Andy, way to start out the year!