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Truth Well Spoken With Andy Anderson

Photographer and director, Andy Anderson is a guest on Truth Well Spoken, the official podcast of McCann Health. Guest hosts Heather Canova, Group Art Supervisor and Tressie Lafay, Copy Supervisor, interview Andy after their recent shoot together in Oregon. In the wake of new COVID protocols on set, this project was special to each of them. Andy talks about how it is a gift to be chosen as the photographer and director and acknowledges how much work went into this project from conception to brief to treatment to production. He never takes advantage of job opportunities, but this one hit at a particular moment in time that felt extra special to him.

Andy views his job to bring the creative idea to life and he felt that this project was a very special and unique opportunity to leverage his unending curiosity and his interest in documentary films to weave a story throughout the video. This recent shoot underscored the importance of authenticity and honest stories in healthcare and pharmaceutical advertising and how changes made due to the Pandemic are allowing for these more “real” stories to be told. It was incredibly important to both Andy and the client that they find the perfect location and finding the right talent to tell the story. The subjects of this shoot reminded Andy of his own small town community, which motivated him to drive over 2,500 miles in a week to find the perfect location and to select the right people for this project.

Be sure to listen to the full episode to hear more on Andy, his perspective on anything and everything photography—his sense of curiosity and adventure, the importance of authentic work in a post-COVID world, what it takes to collaborate with agencies, and how to deal with rattlesnakes on set.

Photo taken on location by Zach Anderson