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Welcoming Andrei Duman to our Roster

Andrei Duman describes himself as determined, ambitious, creative, humble, and setting high expectations. As we've gotten to know him and his work in anticipation of adding him to our roster, we'd like to add self-aware, as each of those words are spot on. It seems that when Andrei sets his mind to something, he exceeds accomplishment. From a childhood in Romania, to professional tennis player in the UK, from shooting wildlife photography on his vacations from investment banking, to a prolific career as a commercial photographer, his biography speaks for itself. We are thrilled to have him on our roster and can't wait to show you more of his creative versatility and stunning photography.

Until then, here is a little bit about Andrei Duman. 

What are you known for?
I consider myself a highly detailed photographer/director that thrives on pushing the envelope from a conceptual and technological perspective regardless of subject. I love playing with the relationship of color and composition, while keeping the resolution as high as possible. I am known for my product and automotive work. 
What is your favorite meal?
From all my travels, I have expanded my taste palette in recent years. However all who know me are very much aware of my In-n-Out obsession. Yes it is a problem and I am seeking therapy for it. I am proud of my onesie suit and am not ashamed of my In-n-Out number plate.
What is your comfort food?
I am a huge pasta fan as well as sushi so will never turn those down.  
What is the one thing people don't know about you? 
For some reason that to this day I cannot explain, I still remember pretty much all the countries and capitals in the world. Also I am awful at remembering names but have this weird ability to recall a face or the sound of someones voice (usually in movies/tv series) and mention what else they were in….especially the really obscure or less known actors.
Describe your photography style in 3 words.
Detailed, Creative, Colorful
Last movie you saw in a theatre?
I saw Top Gun and was blown away by it. I do not know how anyone can make a better movie in this genre than this. It is brilliantly shot, suspenseful, technology heavy and still manages to subtly pay homage to the original. Just epic!
Who would play you in a movie?
Had to think about this one, but I think maybe Jason Bateman or Paul Rudd could work. 
What’s your word for 2022?
How about I use 2? Creative Versatility. Try something different, fail, learn, improve, repeat, perfect, apply to other subjects.