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We're Keeping It In the Family by Welcoming Zach Anderson

When you work closely with someone, year after year, you get to know one another pretty well. If you are lucky, the people with whom you work become like family. Today, we are proud to welcome Zach Anderson to the roster. It’s easy to say, “Welcome to the family” to Zach since he is Andy’s son and someone whom I’ve known since he was little. After being in business for close to a decade, Zach has an impressive portfolio with a unique vision and is enthusiastically forging his career path. Here is a sampling of his work and some fun facts about Zach.


What are you known for?
My snort when I laugh, it’s pretty intense.

What was your favorite quarantine meal?
Pad Thai

Who is your favorite band or type of music?
Nailing down just one favorite band is pretty hard for me since I love music so much. It definitely goes by genre for me. But some bands/artists I have been listening to a lot lately are Khurangbin, Chromatics, Tourist, Choir Boy. Boards of Canada, Sharon Van Etten, WITCH, Dumbo Gets Mad, Mdou Moctar, and SOPHIE.

COVID took a lot of our normal activities away. What is something you won’t be adding back in once life goes back to normal?
Zoom Happy Hours. 

What is one thing that most people don’t know about you?
I’m somewhat claustrophobic. 

What is your favorite thing to do on a Saturday? 
I usually go to the dog park in the AM with my dog.

What is the first place you will travel to when you get the vaccine? 
I’ll go to Mexico City — one of my favorite cities on earth. 

Follow Zach on Instagram for more imagery exploring color, light, and life.