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Capturing the Spirit of Adventure: Zach Anderson's test shoot at Craters of the Moon

Zach Anderson has a special way of capturing his friend's spirit of adventure in his personal projects. A close-knit community of fellow artists, they celebrate their freedom by traveling to vast landscapes, lively music festivals, and cities and sites in between. Zach had an idea for an upcoming shoot and wanted to test his imagined location first, so he and two friends got in a car and drove to Craters of the Moon.


This location is a unique natural wonder and proved to be the perfect backdrop for his vision for the shoot. The otherworldly landscapes, volcanic features, and the stark contrast between desolation and life inspired Zach and set the stage for the upcoming shoot. 

The images from this test shoot not only showcase the stunning landscapes but also highlight the joy and spontaneity of Zach and his friends. The laughter, the unguarded moments, and the raw, real emotions are all beautifully captured in these photos, creating a visual narrative that's both captivating and heartwarming.