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Zach Anderson Taps Into His Spontaneous Nature for Miller Lite

Valuing spontaneity has allowed Zach Anderson to catch some amazing shots. It’s hard for him to turn off the photographer inside, always looking at the current landscape around him or to his subjects, better described as his friends, as inspiration. He likes to capture people in their natural environment, to represent a snippet of their life in each frame. 

His recent project with Miller Lite did just that. While the hired talent were not his friends, at least not at the start of the shoot, his ability to connect with people from all walks of life set the stage for a merchandise shoot that looks more like a lifestyle project. Along with his relatability, his ever ready attitude led to a fun and creative shoot around downtown Los Angeles. Read on to learn about Zach’s off the cuff creative directing and see shots that look like they could be a party hosted in his backyard.

What was a memorable moment from this shoot?

This was shot all over downtown Los Angeles over the course of two days, so we had to be super efficient with each vignette. We had a permit for the specific area we were in so I, along with talent and crew, walked around and shot on the fly when I saw a good shot come about. I especially loved the skateboarding shots. One of the talent mentioned he could skateboard and had one in his car so I had him get it and I decided that we should place one of the Miller Lite stickers on it and I just had him skate around. I love being able to change creative direction when you get a new vibe.

What did you learn on this shoot?

This was a humbling experience as it was shot in Los Angeles but the client and agency were virtual. It takes a lot of patience since you have to take a few shots and then reconvene over zoom. It disrupts the flow of the shoot, but teaches you to slow down a bit and be intentional.

What do you want people to take away about you and your work after seeing this shoot?  

I am really confident in my ability to work efficiently while still getting an entire library of usable images. We got 30 set ups per day and it never felt forced or inauthentic to my style or the brand. I am self-assured as it relates to my photography so I don’t agonize over each frame and am able to move on to the next shot. I also get along with just about anyone and always try to establish a deep connection to the talent so they feel comfortable which lends itself to lively shots. To me, this shoot in particular represents the care-free moments that happen when you and your friends are out enjoying a fresh day.

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