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Zachary Scott's Image Selected to Appear in the AI-AP 38 American Photography Print Annual

Zachary Scott has been photographing animals for the local publication SLO Life Magazine, including his first assistant and personal pet, Rudy, for the publications Pet Collective section. We are excited to announce that this particular image has been selected to appear in the AI-AP 38 American Photography Print Annual! Congratulations Zachary and thank you to the judges. 

SLO Life is a magazine dedicated to telling stories of its local San Luis Obispo residents. This now includes the furriest members of the community. To kick off a new section of the magazine called “Pet Collective”- Zachary photographed some of the animals on his personal ranch, such as Rudy. Now, it has evolved outside of Zachary's animals, and readers can now submit their pets and livestock to be selected for Zachary to photograph for the magazine. He has since photographed chickens, cats, horses, sheep, mini-horses, and more dogs! See more from the collection below.