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Kremer/Johnson Brings Paycom's "Unnecessary Action Hero" to Life

If you’ve worked with Kremer/Johnson, you know set life with them is never boring. Their conceptual scenes, distinctive talent, and synergistic dynamic as a duo create an electric set. So, it was kismet that they shot the “unnecessary action hero” for Paycom, a product that removes unnecessary, time-consuming and sometimes mind-numbing tasks for clients. The client wanted images that appeared to jump out of the screens, perfectly tasked for Neil and Cory. 

When you work with Kremer/Johnson, their collaborative approach assures that the project will be analyzed from every conceivable angle, and because of that, this project was a huge success. The final images matching the initial concept drawings testify to Neil and Cory’s ability to see a vision and make it happen. They understand the importance of producing remarkable work without compromising the essence of the project.

Enjoy a peak into the near-perfect production of Kremer/Johnson’s Paycom project and compare the concept drawings and join us in awe of how closely Neil and Cory recreated that in the final images.