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Help Us Welcome POP Creative Studio to Our Roster

Welcoming POP Creative Studio: Bold Innovation Meets Expertise!

We're thrilled to usher in an era of innovative content creation by welcoming POP Creative Studio to our esteemed roster. Born from the masterful minds of Brendan Haley, Jordi Canela, and Zsuzsanna Voros-Haynes in 2021, POP isn't just a post-production studio – they are a global neighborhood team of super producers, dynamic creatives and all-round problem solvers. With a diverse portfolio that traverses CGI, VFX, Animation, and Particle Simulation, they've etched their mark across industries, be it technology, healthcare, finance, or food & drink.

If you're on the hunt for some next-level conceptual magic, you're in the right place. Teaming up with POP, we're all set to bring some epic ideas to life. So, let's dive in and learn a little more about our new POP stars! 

Cheers to the new journey, POP Creative Studio! 

Let's get acquainted!

Brendan Haley- Founder / Executive Creative Director // Jordi Canela - Co-founder / Creative Director // Zsuzsanna Voros-Haynes - Co-founder / Production Director

How would you describe the essence of what Pop Creative Studio does? Who are the key players that hold it all together, and what distinct roles do they play in the agency's narrative? What inspired you to partner together?

As the co-founders, we're undeniably the backbone of POP, but our real magic lies in our diverse expertise and personalities that dovetail beautifully, adding a distinct flair to POP's offerings. Born in three different corners of the world—Hungary, Spain, and the UK—we bring varying cultures and experiences to the table. Yet, what unites us is our shared zeal for creativity, problem-solving, and that delightful challenge of piecing together the puzzle with a blend of methodical thinking and creative flare. Throw in heaps of good humor, and you've got our formula!

This rich tapestry of backgrounds not only bolsters our professional prowess but deepens our personal bonds. We're all about the thrill of the creative journey—melding technology with artistry, meticulous planning with spirited exploration, and always, always valuing collaborations. 

Brendan sees POP as a grounded Creative Post Studio, adding fun and engagement to every project. Jordi trusts both Brendan, with his extensive experience, and Zsuzsanna, our organizing whiz, praising their kindness and respect towards everyone. Zsuzsanna feels it's all about connecting with like-minded individuals and channeling that shared passion for creativity.

Share a quirky fact about each of you that hardly anyone knows.

Zsuzsanna: First off, I'm head over heels for coffee (though I've sadly put myself on a one-cup-a-day leash) and am absolutely smitten with Dachshunds (aren’t they the cutest?). On top of that, no one believes this but I used to throw some serious Shaolin Kung-fu moves back in the day and I have dual MSc degrees in Architecture and Architectural Engineering. Oh, and for the cherry on top? I had a hand in all the London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies and even scored a seat at the hush-hush dress rehearsal for the grand Opening Ceremony, which was a very proud moment indeed!

Jordi: I am not sure this is a surprise or not to people who know me, but I have some dance moves up my sleeve! About 7 years ago, after being completely entranced by contemporary dance shows, I figured, "Why just watch when I could, well, dance?" So, I jumped out of my comfort zone, and despite having two left feet initially, the sheer beauty of dance had me hooked. Fast forward to the lockdown, and I had to do a bit of a dance-pivot, diving into classical ballet to level up my technique. And what a revelation! 

Ballet isn't just about grace—it’s about power, balance, and precision. It's kind of like mind-gymnastics. Each move demands full mental attention—trust me, you don't want to be that one person twirling in the wrong direction (though, guilty as charged!). The thing is, ballet's taught me a bunch: humility, the beauty of imperfection, and the art of laughing at my own missteps. Because who wants to stand on the sidelines?

Getting it right in dance, much like in my work directing motion projects, demands rhythm, focus, and timing. When it all comes together—especially dancing to live piano—it feels like you're both the artist and the audience. And the best part? It perfectly mirrors my professional world, where I'm constantly striving for that perfect aesthetic frame in every project. So next time you think of me, imagine a mix of a dedicated director and an occasionally clumsy dancer!

Brendan: OK, let's get down to the meaty details of my life—literally! I do have a love for BBQ and have been known to babysit my outdoor smoker on a few overnight cooks. And one juicy tidbit: the name POP was inspired by those legendary Texas BBQ pit masters and their go-to wood, Post Oak. Fun fact: this wood was originally the favourite choice of cattle ranchers for their fence posts. Who knew it'd also be the MVP for some smokin' good BBQ? This fusion of BBQ love and post-production gave birth to our name: Post Oak Production (POP).

Lockdown turned the heat up on my BBQ adventures, leading to my cheeky Instagram page ‘brens_burnt_bits’. It was originally 'brens_burnt_ends', celebrating those delectable brisket tidbits. But, after a playful jab from my wife about my "burnt bits," I thought, "Why not?" and embraced the change. Now, she's the one blushing when friends ask about it. 

Lately, work’s been sizzling, putting my BBQ escapades on the back burner. Probably a good pause for my arteries too! 

The Queen's Guard or the Statue of Liberty? Which iconic figure would be more challenging to digitally animate into a dance scene?

Jordi: How about a cheeky twist? Imagine a duet with the guard and Lady Liberty, perhaps a tango? The real challenge? Making sure those towering hats don't clash!

What's the one thing people rave about when they mention Pop Creative Studio?

Zsuzsanna: Our people and ease of working with us and we are always on the ball (so at least 3 things) Plus we love talking about anything but work!
Coffee morning anyone?