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Harnessing Flames and The Power of Planning: Dan Goldberg’s Konnected Joe Product Launch Shoot with Kamado Joe

With the right creative team, the possibilities of a shoot seem endless. For Dan Goldberg, his tight-knit crew and long-term client Kamado Joe ambitiously shot stills and motion to highlight a new technology within the brand’s grills. Through innovative studio setups, illusive scene setting, and collaborative efforts, Dan and crew brought the creative vision to life. 

A new product launch requires a delicate balance of meticulous planning and ingenuity. The weeks leading up to this project were filled with weaving together test shots to develop the perfect shot list for the shoot. This dedication is why clients return to Dan and his crew time and time again. And when we saw the skillful lighting, roaring flames and delicious shots of juicy steaks, we knew we wanted to hear more. Read on to learn more about the Konnected Joe product launch project from Dan and Kamado Joe.

This is your second project with Kamado Joe, what is special to you about the partnership?

I love working with repeat clients and collaborating with creatives that trust me and my team. While the pressure is still on to produce a shoot that the client loves, I know that they have confidence in my style so I can lean into my instincts. A dream job is one where the client gives you creative freedom, and that’s what Kamado Joe did with this shoot.

This is for a similar product that you’ve shot before, how did you plan to make this campaign unique? 

Yes, this is a similar product, but it’s new technology. The grill is able to be controlled through your phone and it’s a big deal in the outdoor grilling industry. Since it was a new product launch, we approach it a bit differently from the “Serve Up Adventure” campaign I created for Kamado Joe previously. We played with different studio lighting techniques to give it excitement and drama. The music and sound design also played a large part in differentiating the two campaigns.

What is something someone might not know just from seeing the final images and motion?

That this was shot entirely in our studio. We wanted it to feel like a combination of both inside and outdoors, which took quite a bit of planning and setup. We constructed a special hood that sucks out all the smoke and carbon monoxide so we can shoot safely inside. 

What was a memorable moment from this project?

We wanted a close-up shot of the flames in the grill. When you’re looking through the camera, you sometimes forget how close you are to the product. At one point the flames came flying up out of the grill and towards the camera. So close that we could feel the heat of the fire on our faces.

What is one thing you want people to take away about you and your work from seeing this project?

A new product launch takes a lot of creativity and planning to make it successful. We spent weeks figuring out how to pull off all of these shots before we ever started shooting. Having a consistent crew over many projects set us up for success in that regard. We work really well together so testing and shooting is much smoother.