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Doug Menuez to Give Keynote Speech at Aveiro Exodus Foto Festival in Portugal

Doug Menuez will be a keynote speaker at the Exodus Aveiro Fest this year in Portugal! 

 The festival, unique and already considered one of the best in the world beyond borders, promotes decentralization as a principle and has solidified itself in Aveiro. Welcoming renowned artists, it promotes cultural access and development while simultaneously stimulating the participation of local and regional communities, both before and during the event.

Exodus is the festival of human, cultural, social, and environmental values. This is its mission: to bring the local community together, creating a genuine and international dimension. 

It is the festival of journeys, adventure, curiosity, and the “challenge to challenge ourselves,” united and inspired by these values. It is the starting point for a more tolerant world, sharing the best photography and video works on themes that hold the most value for their dissemination and preservation, inspiring knowledge and discovery. With Doug's background in photojournalism and his vision in finding what humanity has in common, this partnership is synergistic. 

During the event, there will be presentations of projects, portfolios, and personal stories experienced by great talents and influential photographers and videographers. There will be networking moments within a community that shares similar values and visions about the world, as well as photography exhibitions with breathtaking galleries that will take participants to see beyond.

The word “Exodus” can be defined as people in motion. Join the Exodus Aveiro Fest and be part of this festival of causes!

November 17-19, 2023

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