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Doug Menuez Wins Five IPA Awards for Images From Four Different Projects

Doug Menuez is a multi-talented photographer winning in several different categories. His Wild Place: People of Kingston book took first place in the book/documentary category and won a top-5 jury selection. The music video, RAGE also took first in the Still in Motion/Video/Entertainment category. Doug’s Americana Exhibition Catalog presents a collection of his work selected from 30 years of documenting everyday life in the United States, with a special interest in rituals and traditions that form a neutral ground for public gatherings. This project garnered a 2nd place award in the Book category. Last, and of course, not least, Doug’s portraits of Randi Zinn, an entrepreneur, mentor, author, mother, and founder of the Going Beyond Movement received an Honorable Mention as well. Drawing from memories of his feminist mother, Doug felt a kinship to Randi which helped him deliver portraits that portray Randi in her true form.

Visit the IPA winners page here. Congratulations on all of your achievements, Doug!