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Content that Celebrates Craftsmanship, Real Talent and a Narrative Driven Library: Jason Lindsey's Project with Pella Windows

Photographer and Director Jason Lindsey uses a photo-journalistic approach to his shoots, to let authenticity sit at the forefront of his imagery and push a narrative through each frame. He had several shoots with Pella Windows, in which he needed to create a library of images for the brand, working on real work sites with real employees. Jason grew up surrounded by factory workers and he spent his formative years working on a farm, instilling in him the value of a hard day’s work and the “salt of the earth” people who do it. Because of this, he is marked by a love of the satisfaction that comes from turning challenges into opportunities and the resourcefulness that is needed for this line of work. These experiences and philosophies poised him to work alongside the Pella employees, to create a library of images that tell a story and embody the nature of the work.

Throughout his career, Jason and the Art Producer on this project's paths have crossed many times. From her past company to her time at Pella, the two have collaborated on shoots for different products and styles. This long-term working relationship allows for a mutual understanding of approach and desired style which led to smooth shoots. An immersive storytelling of the craftsmanship and innovation of the product alongside interpersonal relationships of the crew, these images capture the pulse of the worksite.

In our interview, Jason offers insights the symbiotic relationship between artistry and authenticity in his photography, along with how his long term partnership added value to this production.

You have worked with the Art Producer on this project for many projects in the past, how did that relationship affect the collaboration on this project?

Building enduring relationships goes beyond mere business transactions; it's about understanding each other on a personal level. Over the 20 years that I've worked with the art producer on this project, we've developed a deep sense of trust and a shorthand in communication. This not only streamlines the creative process but also allows for a more intuitive understanding of each other's vision and preferences.

Working with real construction workers on active job sites sounds like it could be challenging. How did you approach this shoot?

I believe in adopting a photojournalistic approach, striving to authentically document the real work unfolding before me. Establishing rapport with the construction crew was key. By engaging with them beyond the lens, getting to know their craft, and understanding their motivations, I was able to build trust and capture genuine moments without the need for staged scenes.

How do you navigate the balance between a photojournalistic approach and the need for specific shots outlined by the client?

While I embrace the spontaneity of photojournalism, I also recognize the importance of meeting the client's objectives. When I get to the job site each morning, I review the shot list with the client and then connect with the Pella crew to go through the shot list while keeping in mind their install plan for that day. There are times when those don't align, and since it is a true job site and the installs only happen once and cannot be repeated, it's important that we all know the plan for the day. Prioritizing and planning is paramount on projects like this and clear communication is key. Being on a live construction site means adapting to the unpredictable nature of the environment.

What did you find most rewarding on this project?

I have always been the kind of person to jump into a project head first and get my hands dirty. Even before I became a photographer, I worked on farms growing up and now dedicate a lot of my personal time to maintaining a nature preserve that I own. I understand the value of this kind of work and the grit it takes to make it happen. So for me, this project was rewarding because I was able to work alongside the construction workers, capturing genuine moments of their craftsmanship. I think that this dedication that they have and my reverence for this type of work created a compelling library of images.