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Jason Lindsey on Collaboration, Spontaneity and Authentic Moments

Our artist’s job is to tell a story. Sometimes that’s through enhanced images using CGI, sometimes it’s through motion, and sometimes it has to be done through emotions in still imagery. Being able to pull out emotion from talent that translates to the viewer is a skill and one that must be exercised regularly. Photographer and Director Jason Lindsey, whose vision through empathy ensures that his imagery tells the kinds of stories that bring people deeper into something that will move them and inspire action.

Recently, Jason worked on a pharmaceutical campaign with a brand we must keep anonymous for privacy reasons. This client wanted honest emotions from it’s talent, which included children. Jason credits solid collaboration between the production team, client and agency as well as his season abilities to elicit reactions from talent that bring those desired emotions as the hero of the images. Read on to learn more about this shoot through our conversation with Jason.

What struck you most about the collaboration between the production team, client, and agency during this project?

From day one, it was evident that everyone involved was fully committed to bringing the vision to life. The level of collaboration was exceptional, from the pre-production phase all the way through to the final moments of the shoot. What stood out to me was not just the individual talents of each team member but the shared goal we all had in mind. Clear communication and mutual respect were key in fostering a productive and cohesive environment, despite many of us being new to working together.

We spoke to Brandessa Hale, the Executive Producer on this shoot, who gave her insights into what made this team so special:

"Jason is not only extremely talented but also a fantastic communicator which makes things so much more efficient and smooth every step of the way. This project had a lot of moving parts; shooting motion and stills in multiple locations with a lot of talent (including plenty of kids!) but meeting the challenges felt easy with such a clear and collaborative partner. And it didn’t hurt that we were working with an amazing agency producer that matched our positivity and was super buttoned up. My favorite thing about being a producer is putting together a great team and supporting each individual well so they are empowered to do great work and Jason is the same way; he elicits the best from everyone through support and positivity which is really refreshing and energizing for the whole team. It was super fun and the final work looks amazing! ... And now I am missing everyone on the team and want to do it again!"


Can you share more about the production team based in San Diego and their contribution to the project?

I have to say, the production team in San Diego was nothing short of outstanding. Despite being new faces to me, every member brought their A-game, demonstrating professionalism and dedication throughout. It was truly inspiring to witness the seamless synergy among the crew members, from the lighting technicians to the set designers. Each person played a crucial role in capturing the essence of the campaign, and their collective effort was instrumental in the project's success.

How were you able to capture such authentic expressions and moments during the shoot?

For me, it's all about creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere on set. Whether I'm working with adults or children, building rapport and establishing trust is essential. When it comes to scenes involving kids, I make sure to create a playful environment where they feel comfortable being themselves. Breaking down barriers and engaging with them on a personal level allows for genuine reactions that truly resonate with the campaign's message. Patience and flexibility are also key; allowing for spontaneity and embracing unexpected moments often leads to capturing raw emotions and authentic interactions that breathe life into the final product.