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Kremer Johnson Creates a Character Driven Narrative for Delta Dental

It’s unlikely that you’ve ever imagined your dentist as your yoga instructor, cheerleader, dinner guest or road trip companion. And if you have, maybe you’ve had more pleasant dental experiences than the average person. Either way, creating and capturing scenarios that are just stepping out of the bounds of realism and sprinkling in comedy is what Kremer/Johnson does best.

Their client, Delta Dental, wanted to depict a narrative in which your retirement shouldn't include your dentist as a third wheel, and that their dental coverage will keep you on track to make sure you are protect and get to enjoy your retirement. Using expressive talent, character-driven narratives and strong color theory, their imagery always tells a story that likely will cause you to chuckle.  

Neil and Cory were the perfect fit for the project because of their aforementioned strengths and ability to take concepts and craft the shoots to accomplish desired shot lists. The imagery resonates with its customers and stands out against other dental insurance ads.