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Kremer/Johnson’s High-Key Lighting Work is a Visual Symphony of Shadows and Light

Kremer/Johnson is known for their meticulous attention to detail, especially as it pertains to portraits. Their approach is one born out of a desire to never make boring images and to play on the unique features of their subjects. Their new series is a collection of black and white photographs that masterfully uses contrast to create a stunning visual experience. The interplay between shadows and light unveils a visual symphony that makes drama and mystery.
Inspired by Chiaroscuro, a technique used by artists to create a dynamic interplay between light and shadow, Neil and Cory used high-key lighting to create a similar effect. The carefully composed images emphasize the graphic elements, offering a unique perspective that reveals the hidden stories within each frame.
Against the clean white background, shadows dance and intertwine, leading your gaze to the subjects that are brought to life. With every image, this series invites you into a place, where starkness meets elegance, and darkness meets illumination.