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Kremer/Johnson's Latest Personal Projects Feature Spontaneity and Creative Exploration

This year, the photography and director duo Kremer/Johnson pursued many personal projects, focusing on studio portraits. What started as a quest for personal expression evolved into multiple cohesive projects, embodying a unique exploration of faces, lighting, and the creative process.


The inspiration for these projects arose from wanting to create outside of the constraints that commercial assignments require. With a desire to experiment, but using a limited budget, they invited over 20 individuals from a variety of casting agencies and produced these shoots over six to eight weeks.

The portrait series initially planned with a clear vision, took on a life of its own during the shooting process. As the shoot evolved Neil and Cory experimented with different faces, lighting setups, and techniques enjoying the spontaneity of the moment. Creating their own light modifiers, Kremer/Johnson adjusted and thought of new ideas as they came to them in the moment, allowing their creativity to guide their decisions. The result is a stunning collection of portraits that not only showcase the diversity of faces but also highlight the duo's ability to adapt and innovate in the studio environment.