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Kremer/Johnson Tells Deeper Stories Through Portraiture for The University of San Diego

You will never hear boring used in a sentence to describe photography duo Kremer/Johnson. Their use of dynamic set builds, idiosyncratic talent, and color theory, their images come to life often will make you laugh, and conceptually will push boundaries. Regardless of the tone of the project, commitment to characters and expression are the cornerstone of their work and the dedication to honing their craft is what sets their work apart from others.


Their assignment with The University of San Diego was to capture portraits of faculty and staff members. To take it one step further and create a narrative, Neil and Cory collaborated with a local artist to incorporate hundreds of individual images that represent the field of study of the subjects. Through this strategy, the images are brought to life and carry a deeper meaning. This approach is emblematic of Kremer/Johnson's signature style, and reflects their artistic philosophy perfectly. 


Using fish and sea life to represent a marine biologist, or music notes to represent a musician, the histories of these individuals become more clear. Their experience and education are personified and composited into their portrait, furthering the narrative and filling the images with soul.