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Kremer/Johnson's Reminder: Never Quit Exploring Your Creative Capabilities

When a budget on a project is tight, you realize there are many ways to do something you’ve done hundreds of times before. This was the case on Kremer/Johnson’s project with Bilt, a credit card company that helps users pay rent and buy homes. Conceived and shot during COVID when budgets were tight and resources scarce, Neil and Cory got scrappy to achieve the grand look the brand was going for. Sometimes, when the right creative direction comes your way, you’re inspired enough to make it work with what you have on hand, like Neil’s sister’s dog in cat pajamas, who became an instant star. Read on to learn more about this shoot, and how Kremer/Johnson made Bilt’s vision come to life.

“This shoot encouraged us to step out of our stylistic comfort zone and go on a journey of creative discovery.”


What was your most memorable moment on this project?

This project was such a hustle, and we had to work hard to make it all come together. Physically and mentally it stretched us to source location, talent, and props. From the storyboard phase to casting to building sets to post, we did it all. Bilt came to us with a very specific vision and style that was out of our comfort zone so we had to work hard to make sure the final images looked the way the client had in mind. We are really happy with how the images turned out, and we won’t forget the hard work and collaboration it took to get there.

What did you learn on this project?

That stepping outside of your comfort zone is important. The client wanted a style that is out of our normal repertoire, so it led to a lot of exploration. This shoot encouraged us to step beyond our comfort zone and go on a journey of creative discovery that in the end, produced some really fun and visually intriguing images. It was a good reminder to push past any limitations you set for yourself.

What do you hope people learn about you and your work after viewing this?

That we can make it work within any budget. We can always find a way, without compromising the quality of images. We are very passionate about pursuing unique creative ideas, so if we are excited about the creative direction, we are willing to find a way to make it happen. The creative vision spoke to us on this campaign, so we worked hard to bring it to life. We toured over 40 homes around LA to find the right set. We brought in a ringer, Neil’s sister’s pug Louie, for talent, and we took a month to do this job because we had to do so much of it ourselves. But, the final images were exactly what the client wanted, so for us, it was worth it.

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